It was early 1996. Internet Explorer had not been released, 28k was a "high-speed" modem, eBay and Amazon were unheard of, web creation software was non-existent. But we were convinced of the coming imminence of the World Wide Web and set out to master this language called HTML.

With an 80 MB hard drive (that's right, MB - not GB) and a whopping 16 MB of RAM (hey it was $50 a MB back then!) we set about elevating web pages from all-centered text and a picture of someone's cat into something worthy of the term "layout." Customers welcomed it!

Now barely more than a decade later, we face flat panel monitors, wireless networking and gigabytes of RAM, still growing, expanding skills and dreaming of what may soon be possible. But knowing that technology come what may, our number 1 focus remains fixed on imaginative, unfailing, untiring dedication to client satisfaction.





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